Keep up the good work, it is so wonderful to see a celebration of one of the World’s greatest materialization mediums, full disclosure, I am a grandson by marriage, my dad married Lillian Duncan one of Helen’s daughters. Prior to the marriage I would be allowed to attend some of her seances in Dunfermline, Scotland. My dad was a friend of David Scott who would arrange her sittings for 7 shillings and sixpence each, this might have seemed a lot in 1946/47, however, there was no shortage of sitters and I was allowed to sit for free as I was a juvenile. With the arrangers cut of the deal the take was much less for her, but the sitters were in for the thrill of a lifetime. The sitting would start with Helen behind a curtain in the cabinet, a hymn would be sung, usually Abide With Me and Albert Stewart would appear and wish everyone well. With a brief statement he would then announce there is someone who wishes to come through for so and so and it would continue, short, tall, fat, thin, bowler hatted man with a mustache carrying a Scottie dog, my mother and everyone came away more than satisfied. I would like to say that this poor woman, Helen Duncan, was persecuted just for having a unique gift from God that benefited people on this side having a brief contact with loved ones on the other. The biggest perpetrator was a Luddite called Harry Price who made it his life’s work to destroy her, never mind the British Government complicity in sentencing her as witch to the hell hole of Holloway prison. I would close with my my observations based on the cheesecloth lies, there is no way that ectoplasm can be mistaken for cheesecloth, having felt both. There is nothing earthly in the feel of this manifestation as I went to a private sitting in Newmills, Scotland put on for a good friend of hers. No cabinet just Helen sitting in a chair, pretty soon Albert would vocalize through her and then as a part of the sitting a demonstration of ectoplasm pouring out of her mouth and both nostrils, as an aside how could you stuff cheesecloth up your nostrils, we were all allowed to feel it and I am still today truly blessed. Further, going back to the seances, Albert Stewart was a very articulate and well modulated thin man, Helen Duncan weighed at least 20 stones and had a rough Scottish accent, I have heard her try to polish this, while speaking to other people and it was a failure. I have seen them both side by side since he would do this for demonstration purposes, he would draw back the curtain and there she would be in trance with her head on her chest with him standing there. This type of seance was denied her at her trial and the rest is history