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My Grandma’s No Witch

I wrote this in tears for a newspaper article and submit my original article to show my own truth. As a youngster, I couldn’t understand what happened to my grandmother during 1944 all I knew was that it caused my family a lot of hurt. I think I was around 12 and my...

Maggie Hahn Interviewed On BBC 2017

The Helen Duncan Pardon Interview With Margaret Hahn Margaret discusses the reality of Her Grand Mother's case on BBC 5 LIVE. Perhaps not the most supportive of the media, but at least it gets the message out there.

Billy Remembers

Keep up the good work, it is so wonderful to see a celebration of one of the World's greatest materialization mediums, full disclosure, I am a grandson by marriage, my dad married Lillian Duncan one of Helen's daughters. Prior to the marriage I would be allowed to...